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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    the birthday list.

    kay. before i close down this blog, let me just have the birthday wishlist up lah huh since some of my usuals are asking me what i want. sighs.

    this will do:- this fking nice puma bag. the color of the bag is black white and mud green with a chain and it's leather. $89. the size is a lil bit (just a lil bit) smalle rthan my num shoe bag. kay u know what, i've 3 options for bag. it's either this puma bag or a Guess cream (or black. comes in both colors) tote $120 or an adidas bag $160 (this i'll update soon for it's description). if u're getting me a bag, u can choose any of this lah. if u're asking me whether im dying for a new bag, i'll frankly admit, yes i am. but.. up to u guys uh (:

    -MY TOPS FOR COL. wtf. i still have not decided what tops can i match with white skinny. fuccccck.

    -leather loafers. ( i tell u, jamie was fucking lucky to get those leather loafers from zara cos if he hadnt seen it, those shoes will be in MY hse damn it. haha)

    -nice hot belt?

    -colored tees and/or tanks. (nicely fitted ones pls. i wear medium or small. wahas. and YES i do wear small for small brands kay)

    -marc ecko's diamond studded watch. (wah fuck. hahaha. i cant believe haziq wants the same brand of watch as me man. and the dude's bdae is on the 26th of aug. YEAH MAN ANOTHER AUGUST BABY. kay dont ask me why but i love people borned in aug. HAHAHHA. btw. my dad agreed on getting me ecko's watch.)

    -puma jacket. $45 at funan's IT mall at royal sporting hse. (according to huda)

    -fragrance by Mark Jacobs (victor and camellye are getting me this. i love my cousins man. not because they're buying me this but they're the closest cousins i have. (: love u hot cousins if u two are reading this. )

    -body shop collector's kit fragrance. (wen hui agreed on getting this for me. thank you girl and i really mean it thank u!!)

    -bedhead or catfight hairwax.

    -cake? haha. dont think mom's getting me or baking one for me this yr thanks to my aunt.
    oh yah why i reaaaaally wanna celeb my bdae with my usuals this yr and i really hope they can make it is because im unable to celebrate my bdae this yr with my family. my dad's flying off to berling, AGAIN, with his mistress. that fucking bitch lah. and mom has temporarily shifted to bukit timah and stayed over at aunt intha's place cos kak suzi and uncle Is are having a tiff at our place and my mom cant tahan their squabble. and my bro that i miss soo much and i think he is now blacker than me, and God i'm soooo happy because of that hahah, is in NS. sick shit huh. and my fave cousins are flying off to dallas and malibu this tues. yea all four of them. ): MORE MISERY SIA.

    kay lah byeee.
    btw, fyi. if ure getting me a prezzie guys, remember, i'll get a prezzie which costs the same amount as my prezzie for ur bdae cos i knw what i want is sorta costly. but actually i shortened the list . there was more wants. but hell to those lah huh. BUT for ppl like sam and fengz, of course ur prezzies would have to be a pricy one lah! this 2 bestest of the best friends from sec 1 till now (: i wont tell the both of u what im getting for u two but i supposed u guys knew it already or have the rough gauge right? and i owe hidayah her levi's jeans, fatin's zara's top, jamie's coolshit prezzies, and fion's. gimme time yea guys? but this i promise that i will get it for u guys! OH AND HUANNI'S AS WELL!!! fuck i miss huanni. gaaaaaaah.

    dad confiscated my posb card. sweeeeeeet. cos i helped a friend to pay her hp bills and bought her a wallet. fuck. having no money stinks. having no close ones is as good as burrying myself dead man!

    eh eh. i miss my pri sch peeps. yoooooooooooooon (tough i saw her recently with dee), nadia!!, haikal f & j, vanda, cheewai, hafiz, rony, evelyn, VICTORIA. and so on so forth lah. eh fuck i really miss victoria. she's a hot babe now man. *drooooolyyy* hahahaha(: kay bye. last entry cos prelims in a mth. that's like fuck? kay bye.

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    Saturday, May 27, 2006

    Ala Step Rome: Happy Jouney I

    what just happened wasn't bittersweet.
    i almost died and fainted!
    okay, the other way round.
    fainted then died.
    *mechanic sound of the oven followed by a miniature lightning in the oven accompanied by more sparks and when I opened the lid of the oven, KABOOOOM! I swear i saw nothing but smoke*

    i burnt my dad's oven.
    fun shit right?!
    exciting night damn it!
    i've never understood this crappy oven that he bought.
    okay maybe not that crappy.
    cause' i still think the oven at Seng Kang's way crappier and pathetically hopeless!
    (i toast my bread for like 2 mins and i get a total chao ta bread).

    that wasn't all.
    condition i made worse.
    i freaking heated up a freaking hard solidified butter and let it heat up for 200 freaking seconds.
    next thing i knew when the buzzer went off, i opened the lid and OMFUGGORY!
    okay. serious, why. am . i . sooooo. effing. stupid?
    well i just am i presume.
    whoa, didn't know i'm much of a something eh!
    so, over-heated butter will gradually melt; the particles that were held by strong electrostatic forces were able to overcome these forces when the particles gained energy from the heat that's transmitted to the medium. the process of breaking the bonds is called melting.

    whatfuckshit is this.

    i actually made full use of sciences in daily application?
    cerhh! another something eh!
    so the butter melted.
    when butter melts, (what did mom always say about butter when liquified?!) turns to OIL.
    for goodness sake, OIL!
    Yea, oil was spilling from the plate in the oven and out from it.
    Yea, oil is oily.
    Yea, oily things are hard to clean and the feeling you get is effing disgusting.
    Yea, I was having hell of a great time having to clean the mess and i effing enjoyed the process.
    Yea, I literally almost finished the newly-opened roll of kleenex tissue.
    Yea, no one was at home so THANK GOD!
    Yea, the oven fucking stinked afterwhich.
    Yea, ovens and me = disaster!


    Putting oopsy daisies aside.

    we kembali ke asal usul cerita benar hari ini.

    Tai-tai side of mommy dominated all her karmas.
    Fucking feeling posh she was.
    Bloody tai-tai she was.
    Glamglam newfangled lady, a whee whee happy happy feeling 20s afterwhich.
    God, some real shit mid-life crisis this lady's facing.
    *goes a tone lower, deeper ala' Damien Rice* ...And so it is.
    To Dashing D after lunch at Arab Street.
    Mani&Pedicure package for foxy femme of 40 plus years.
    Her hopelessly pathetic child entertained by strong smell of those God knows what they use for mani&pedicures.
    Fashion shows on LCD screens were turning a lil' boring.
    It's been repeating!

    Gosh, I endated hardcore boredom.
    Gave buzzes to certain fellow dudes & babes.

    Man I miss her aons.
    So much for shifitng all the way to the west young dudette!
    Hours and hours of beautiful memories.
    Hell fun shopping spree.
    Hell fun coffebean.
    Or was it starbucks?
    Hell fun Toys R' Us.
    Hell fun Topman, Zara, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani and Polo Ralph Lauren.
    Hell fun walking long distances.
    Hell fun for not sitting down and constantly walking for 2 and a half hours.

    Waited for the funk chic at Orchard's MRT.
    Was approached 4 times by modelling/freelance agencies, meanwhile. -Create Talents (thrice) and Mannequin Models.
    Like wtf-ing hell is wrong with this twits?!
    All I wore was a black tank top with wrinkled jeans and a levis old sneakers.
    You twits effing cockeye I see?
    All of a sudden came up to me?
    "Excuse me sir, can I spare you with a few mins. Yea Hi I'm (insert recruiter's name here) and currently, (insert agency's name here) is recruiting youngsters with fresh and new faces for magazines and advertisements and try to help them boost their confidence infront of the camera and how to feel good of themselves. I'm hoping and wondering whether you would be interested to take up or try modelling? Can I have your name in full sir along with your most preffered contact no. Thanks! You'll be called for an interview sometime soon by our agency for requirements. Full details will be given during the interview or if you have any doubts, here's our agency's contact card and you can contact our frontdesk by calling either of our hotline. Thank you."


    After the approaches, finally I was approached by the right person.
    Left for Cine since we intended of catching a movie -my treat!
    Nasib sungguh tak berbau, panjangnye queue!
    Forget it.
    Left for Lido with same intentions.
    Mak oi.
    The queue there wasn't any better.
    Total bullcrap.
    Like all of a sudden Orchard's flooded like it's the afternoon of Xmas' Eve.

    Roundings done for shopping-oh!
    Tired for the mo, not yet for the go.
    Sat to chill at starbucks please.
    Hilarious fshit convos, making me wanting to pee.
    Total glee for perfect hour.
    Perfect Saturdays.
    Perfect Summer.
    With my caramel frap and NY cheesecake.
    With her chocolatey muffin and (erm, what did you drink again babe?).
    Scored for more!
    -shopping and insane roamings of ala' step Milan, Orchard Rd.

    Zara so happening.
    Exciting shit thing.
    Bought hot stuffs.
    Contentment greeted Mr Beau Brumell.
    Happy Happy he was, he is!

    Forum Mall next.
    Exquisite D&G, and Armani awaits.
    shut the fuccccck up.
    some real good hot fsck shades from Emporio Armani.
    A season's purchase; season's to buy.
    Damn, don't I forget, haircut @ Toni&Guy.
    damn spoilt for choice; just stab me to die.

    @ Toys R' Us.
    Big Kids, Bigger youths.
    Young at heart.
    Young at almost every part.
    So much commotion by just 2 brats.
    Oh very very noisy HAPPY brats!
    Huanni babe's seriously on laughing disease.
    Contagious, I bloody hell swear!
    Creachore; Brachore.
    D E C I D E please.
    Thank you lots.
    Forget it if you don't understand.
    You don't have to (cause' at the end of the day I expect a tag on my taggie if your parents thought you sufficient manners! lol).
    But frankly, only the missy knows what shit I'm talking.

    Pulang right after 9 plus.
    2 gung ho spirited youths flushed with fatigue and dreary eyes.
    Happy happy, we'll meet again next week.
    We'll appreciate God's sun, sand, sea.
    Beach next week bitch.

    Okay. Goodbye goodnight!

    Since I only have 2 of the new stuffs that I bought from shopping at dad's, I can only afford to show you 1/8 of the stuffs I bought. Here's 2 tops I got from Zara:

    nicenight 027.PNG

    nicenight 028.PNG

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    Friday, May 19, 2006

    Back To Closest Belongings: Loving Great Presence In Life.

    Or perhaps, the greatest presence.
    Loving the greatest presence in life.
    Gaaah! Cliche is just so cliche lah

    I'm sure you've thought to yourself, brooding it over,
    that sometimes, you don't be needing your peers 24 hours.
    Well duh. And I'm sure you've thought to yourself that we entities are beautiful imperfectionist though some of us are perfectionist. Again, duh. You don't and shouldn't expect much of someone. Just treasure and appreciate what's there they've to offer.

    And when our friends aren't there for us, saying that they are..
    -Having their period. (girls. cerhh! you know them and their fucked up mood swings.)
    -Egoistic took the better side of them. (esp. we guys! cerhh we've to shamely admit. oh come on..)
    -They are busy with their own life (duh, like get a life if you think you're the only one breathing in oxygen and coughing back out carbon dioxide! they've their own matters to attend to. like whowhatfuck are you?!)
    -Having a huge conflict between you guys. (that's your f-ing problem. you made a mess in your mother's room, now go do as what your mom would ask you to do! go clean the room)
    -And so on..

    If they're engaging in what's mentioned above, and when you think that your very own family is of no use talking to, then you seriously need some reality check cause' your beloved mom&dad (more of mom though) took all greatest pain to bring you as to where you are now. Yea, cliche of us teens to be all whiny; complaining how f-ing irritating our mothers are when they open their mouths and start nagging. Just tolerate for God's sake! Afterall a mother, father and siblings' (okay fine. make that family)love is the strongest love. Not your fucking love with your boy/girlfriend. Oh well. I'm leaving it all up to you lah. Just thought of bringing awareness that our fellow family members were the ones whom have tolerate much of our nuissance, burden, ego, pms-modes, f-up and sugar-sweet attitude, spoilt brattiness and yadadadada..

    Trust me, when you thought that "OH MY GODDD! We're so like the same! We like so have gazillion things in common! Like how fsck cool is that?!" well, be prepared cause' whatever you and your peers have in common might not entirely be of likings.

    Take for example:

    "Eh fuck sia! My dad brought us to Europe last holidays and it was f-ing great sia! Shop like crazy sia! Took so snapshots many sia! The babes are sooooooooooooo hot!!"

    (your poor lil' fellow friend has to fake a lie or look so engross in the convo) "(fake voice but sounds damnnnn convincing) OMG SERIOUS??! how hot?!!"

    you: "Hotter than Singaporean lians and minahs lah! Hotter than you even!"

    (your poor lil' fellow friend now feeling all fucked-up-knnccb reciprocates) "(teeth jitters) "Isssssittt?? Urrr.. then lei? What else you do ah?"

    I'm sure you experience such shit before whereby you or your friend talks about something but you or him/her/they actually couldn't be much interested of what's being talked on (especially if it's 24hours about you) but has no choice but to put on the best engrossed face just because that fellow or yourself are labelled as "Besties". Yeah.
    - - - - - -
    Okay, anyways.

    alotofpiccs 047 copy.jpg

    alotofpiccs 048 copy.jpg

    Kak Hdya came over to dad's today.
    Happy abang.
    Happy adik.
    A Big KNNCCB to McDelivery
    - 1 and a half hours for your delivery? $4 GST? You guys that desperate for money go sell buttocks lah part time. And 1 and a half hours?! LOUD WHATFUCKTHEFUCK!

    Bro ran, yes literally ran, to get dinner.
    Abang bought downsized meals.
    Trust me they were reaaaaaaaaaaally being downsized.
    No kid.
    They literally downsized it.
    The f-ing burger was the size of my palm man!
    And 4 f-ing nuggets took up the size of my palm!
    And the drink size was the same size as a normal cup!
    Total whatthefuck.

    Goodness, what crude & vulgar night.

    But temper rode off to Croatia.
    Laughing off hot arses we were!em>

    Kak Hdya recommended:

    Abang recommended:

    Okay, you go decide which is the most entertaining lah.
    I'm entertained by both.
    I can watch them for over and over again and still be entertained.
    And I thank God for having unique and interesting individualists in His utmost beautified works.

    p.s: still laughing and entertained by vids. love your beloved ones lah damn it! (:

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    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    When Mundanity Intensifies: The Fugliest Beach Can Still Perfect Up Mr Thursday.

    Cooped for 2 hours.
    Canteen was a bore.
    Was sititng with usuals; entertaining why boring & draggy hours.
    Frankly, I've a stupid principal.
    Or rather, whomever who came up with the absurd middy schedule is the biggest absurd dumbwit ever.
    Erm, hello?!
    Who are we to wait for the E1s just to complete their papers?
    That's their complete problem.
    Bite us for not being so smart to make it to Pure Stream.
    The very least you could've done was to have MTL List. Compre first followed by our respective sub. papers.
    Fdamn, total faggotry work or a f-ing faggot.

    Cross my heart,
    to stay alive,
    trust me,
    we almost died!
    Hours of agitated wait was truly agitating.
    The smartyhighpants and long skirts of E1 weren't to be blame.
    Cause' I bet those wits can draft out a better schedule.
    So much for the Value-Added awards.

    Don't believe?
    As to how bored were we?
    Nah, go f-ing see!

    boredcomrades2 copy.jpg


    Fugly beach after which.
    Lovely weather,
    Right atmosephere.
    -the sight of feculent sea.
    Waterbreaker we sat at,
    shared with M&Ms*,
    was, OF COURRRSE, not a total glee!

    Fengz: "......(something said was embitter)"
    Zra's anger showered the best of her.
    And the dongdong left.
    Why ohwell.

    Guitar strings, oh pluck 'em right..
    Soothe with sick romantic lullaby..
    Breeze oh so pleasant..
    Rejuvenating senses.
    Like yoga was a chore in heaven.
    And youthful souls heaved a sigh

    agathering1 copy2.JPG

    P.S: calculus set for a heart throb attack. bang bang! shoot me now

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    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    Bread & Circuses!

    I met made promise.
    Here's for you, memories for me:

    2006May: The Eleventh, The Thursday.
    Happy happy.
    Weekends drawn near, mr Friday's an off.
    Temples open 24 hours, prayer prayer prayers.
    Oh Vesak day.
    Out with dongdongs to be, to do.
    We'll catch up with each other in the periode of time, yea?

    Snatched few clothes.
    So sorry my overpacked wardrobe!
    Goodbye Seng Kang.
    Not coming back tonight nor tomorrow.
    Liven the house stucked in flooded with Malays oh Tampines.

    Babes and dinner.
    I can't ask for any better.
    Babes gettin' hotter!
    It's the total right hour!
    Happy happy happy.
    Splendid night for them and me.
    Sumptuous and generous chix and fries,
    I only had few servings to try.
    Really, I should stop handling a camera.
    Or even, put that technology, 8 metres from me!
    F-ing camwhores, a total adore.
    My babes just kept yelling, Snap us more MORE AND MOOOORE!
    What beautiful chore.
    Greatest posh spot of Billy Bombers to us.
    Oh oh I saw regular faces!
    There was Sunny, screwedup-melayu-attitude-waiter, screwed-shy-waitress whom doesn't speak proper English, and socially polite manager!
    Brilliant hospitality.
    Umpteen sorry's for creating foolish dins.
    Umpteen sorry's for getting Sunny to take us a pic.
    Umpteen sorry's for being just too chatterboxy.
    Why hey, love us! We've been your customers for straight fridays for the past few weeks!
    We're helping you increase those salary!
    A hehe.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    RubikladhoC PRESENTS: le joie de sacredfemme avec eperdu. Come join in a night of peace love empathy n mad mad roman candles. Eperdu plays after nine she would adore your lovely presence....

    My night's been planned for me.
    Más más Happy Happy Happy!
    Aina, farewell.
    The others: LET'S GO!!!

    Boisterous Contessa came, fetched us, goooo!!
    Babes freshen up at her domain.
    I watched them, grabbing stuffs to change.
    Matching which to which.
    Hurry up, later then speak!

    Mad mad drive, speed your way through the highway.
    Wind-down windows, booming stereos.
    Lighted cigs, it's smoke filled the cuboid car.
    Babes' mouth left ajar.
    Worry not, open-minded as to whom we are!

    Not the a gogos.
    Order drinks for friends or two.
    We sat down, chilled, chit-chat the night through.
    Boisterous Contessa's classy friends, with laid back atmosphere in the chillin' lounge.
    Ms last year's English teacher was there too!
    Pretty she was, with the rebond hairdo.
    Dya, Fatin, Samteng and I occupied the tables then.
    Entertained ourselves with card games and más más crazy convos.
    Dya's jakuness turned out all cute and stuff.
    HAHAHAHAHA, we laughed!

    Beautiful people of the night soiled with fatigue and mirthful feelings.
    J'aime Le Night.
    Ils aiment Le Pulchritudinous Night.
    Nous aimons Le Blithesome Night.

    Transported back with, again, insane ride.
    Soothing mp3 tracks took its toll.
    Eyes shut, mind rejuvenated.
    Back at residance, 3am sharp!

    Oh why night..
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    - - - - -
    Next day.
    To Bras Basah, oh Aloha ArtsyFartsy!
    Bought a novel instead, oh deary.
    Oh Glory Of It All!
    Glory sure has it all.

    The 2 dongdongs awaiting my presence,
    set off for Elias Mall,
    Chit-chat and did nothing for art at all!
    Pity to the girl mugging dreary Geography.
    Laughters to the studs, entertaining her that night.

    Makan makan oh super lapar!
    We went kopitiam, step makan Caviar.
    Sepinggan rojak mama.
    So tak kenyang.
    Order order order moreeee please!
    Why gee, this are the pics:

    newloads copy1.GIF

    setr copy1.GIF


    Thank you, good night!

    Plugged with:Blush Response -Astreal.

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    Sunday, May 14, 2006

    Time Bomb.. EXPLODED! How?

    And am still at dad's.
    Organized-hours kept not fulfilled.
    Computer got me thrilled.

    Bang bang.
    Image hosters are pissy.
    My aims went off track.
    Color this blog with the umpteen pics I hoped.
    Rambling over excitedly exquisite memoirs of a Party-Binatang Beau Brumell for the past few days I yearned.
    Unfortunately, we'll just blame it on Mr Wolf for answering the time.
    Damn time strolled swiftly.
    What an irony but true as it is!
    Oh middy's a contradict.
    I know not as to whether the papers were tough or nugget ayam!
    Till the results shove into this face, I'll lock all perceptions within me.
    4 days in total and not a single contact with the Art materials.
    ArtsyFartsy mode's ridden off to tranquil Zimbabwe.
    Chillin' desires slapped me real hard, thus it met me and was entertained.
    Oh goodbye Salvador and his renown fellow comrades!
    Hello and how do you do? to bestfriends, babes and dudes, boisterous contessa and youthful newbies teaching Loyang.

    Oh June, sayang.
    Cepatkanlah ketibaan engkau.
    Buat dengan adanya mu, dapatku mencampakkan diriku lagi ke
    alam hiburan dan step Rome.

    Sourceful I'm not with this middy.
    For I see no relation to mr Lims and ms Os.
    I'd rather work this arse hard out for them, prelims and o levels, than striving hard for youthful and confused middy, get good grades for it, but scraped otherwise for mr Lims and ms Os.
    Fret not, lovely newfangled mother knows!
    Agreed she is as to it.
    So long this mind promise to meet fulfillment to aims.

    Entire plans for sayangku June I've planned out already.
    Movies, club, dongdongs' cribs, group and self-studies, love Lord's Sun at step Florida oh Sentosa, roam step Rome oh Orchardku for shopping. Work and work and work with the guys at work, shut the bitch at home (fret not, it's aunt i'm picking on) and resolve residance matter, gym oh gym flooded with egoistic dudes we'll catch up again in June! and the memobook expands it's pages.
    The list goes on..

    Tineh marked down another event for us.
    Nice of the babe, I appreciate!
    -modelling competition.
    Audition's in June with rehearsals and semi's.
    A must-must to the love for gym workouts.
    A must-must to skip, milk & calcium for embarrassingly short height.
    A must-must for long awaited beauty sleeps, preens and grooming.
    A must-must to get Victor hot-moronic cousin to mould me better in this arena!
    A MUST.

    Entries in relation to past happening events I'll spout in the coming Friday which I hope to meet quick.
    Pictures, I hope to not get pissy over with, will bombard and enhance the mundanity of my blog.

    Oh God,
    Art, sorry, you rock not momentary.
    Maybe, you and I will find love again after middy.

    For now,
    good night, dongdongs.

    Beau brumell insists you hit Morning Wood's Nth Degree in your pc and mp3!

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    Friday, May 12, 2006


    I've 400pics uploaded, to be photoshopped and display, and heaps of mind rambles. and one fucking comment/reply to that good-for-nothing hopeless moron living a sad pathetic unfruitful life whom tagged such uber sweet nice msg on my tagboard. hate me for all i care. ive the other entire world to love me making u just a pathetic minority. how hard-rocking gula aint it.u total effing lost twit son or daughter or perhaps both of parents whom have not been spoon feeding u well with just BASIC manners. oh god, u can't even get the alphabets A-Z right and how're we you gonna go on to the numbers. sad child of mine ungrateful entities.

    (: to the rest, life's exciting. especially when humanities and calculus papers are dominating the week ahead. adios, step rome.

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